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On April 30th at 12:00 CST we will be hosting the following:

Legal Landmines: How Changing Collection Laws Can Affect YOUR Business

The ever changing landscape of collection rules, regulations and oversight has many businesses unclear as to how far they can go in pursuit of delinquent accounts. This informative Webinar will inform and engage viewers with insightful tips on how to effectively and safely refine their internal collections practices - BEFORE they ever require the handling by a third-party collection agency.

You'll learn:
   How to craft a proper financial agreement.
  Which recent changes in case law should have you rethinking your current processes.

The following is the link to the live webinar... Also included are links to archived webinars that may be of interest to your membership!

Brought to you by your Indianapolis Medical Society and I.C. System.

Call for Nominations for IMS Leadership, Delegates & Committees

Want Your Voice Heard?

Your IMS is accepting Nominations!!

The Indianapolis Medical Society wants you to join the IMS Leadership Team. Make a difference in the professional lives of your colleagues, friends, and family in medicine. Take an active role in the IMS!

Nominations for leadership positions should be submitted to Beverly Hurt, EVP, by calling 639-3406 or email

Welcome New Members

Faulkner, Camra B., MD
Resident – St. Vincent Hospital
Family Medicine
House, Beve P., III, MD
Medical Associates, LLP
Emergency Medicine
Phookan, Gautam, MD
Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine
Neurological Surgery
Silvidi, Julius A., MD
Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine
Neurological Surgery
Walter, Amanda M., MD
Resident – IU School of Medicine

As president of IMS, I welcome you to membership into an organization representing you as physicians, your patients, and quality medical services since 1848. I encourage your participation in our IMS activities including meetings and written contributions to the Bulletin.

IMS can only be as energized as the members who comprise it, so reach out to your IMS colleagues and get to know them, as well as, our focus of collegiality and quality medical care.

Mark M. Hamilton, MD, IMS President

If you want more information about our newest IMS members, visit them on our physician finder here. A simple search is all that is required.

Save the Date: May 29, 2014

Seventh District Medical Society Annual Meeting (Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, and Morgan counties).

2014 Annual Meeting at the Dallara IndyCar Factory.

IMS Commentary: Getting Needed Care

Many patients see physicians or have procedures and then feel like they are being cheated or are extremely disappointed because they get a bill that they expected their insurance company to cover. Why does this happen?

Patients receiving health care services need to be aware of what is occurring behind the scenes as physicians and others work to give patients care that is needed and the best available.

Click here to read the attached release for the “IMS Commentary: Getting Needed Care.”

AMA Issues Grace Period Guide to Assist Physicians

New resources offer step-by-step help for minimizing risk

The American Medical Association (AMA) announced March 19, 2014, new resources to guide physicians on navigating a little known rule in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that could pose a significant financial risk for medical practices. The rule published by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provides individuals that purchase subsidized coverage through the state insurance exchanges a 90-day grace period before their coverage is cancelled for non-payment.

Under the CMS rule, insurers in health exchanges are required to pay any claims incurred during the first 30-days of the grace period, but insurers are not required to pay claims incurred during the last 60-days for any patient whose coverage is terminated. Patients are considered to be covered for care during the entire grace period, but insurers are allowed to place all the claims during the last two-thirds of the period in a pending status and retroactively deny them when coverage is terminated at the end of the grace period.

“The grace period rule imposes a risk for uncompensated care on physicians so the AMA has created resources to help medical practices navigate the key aspects of the rule to minimize its potential negative impact,” said AMA President Ardis Dee Hoven, M.D. “Managing risk is typically a role for insurers, but the grace period rule transfers two-thirds of that risk from the insurers to physicians and health care providers. The AMA is helping physicians take proactive steps to minimize these risks.”

The new AMA resources for physicians include:

These resources are geared to the needs of physicians and will help support their practices by outlining key issues associated with the grace period and provide guidance on administrative policies, financial agreements and communications with patients and insurers. All the new resources and more are available to physicians at:

A key issue for physicians is having accurate information from health insurers regarding patients' grace period status. The AMA recently delivered a letter urging CMS to amend the grace period rule to require insurers to notify physicians as soon as a patient falls behind on their premiums, rather than the current notification requirement that provides insurers with discretion as to when and how to notify physicians during the 90-day grace period.

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