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VA Bill to Improve Access

Military veterans who have been enduring long waits for medical care should be able to turn to private doctors almost immediately under a law signed August 7, 2014 by President Barack Obama. The main goals of the bill are: to provide access to care in the private sector for veteran’s who are not able to secure an appointment at a VA facility within a prescribed amount of time or who live more than 40 miles from a VA facility; to provide for the hiring of additional physicians, and other practitioners, and acquisition of additional facilities; and to improve administrative functions throughout the system. A more detailed summary of the bill is attached.

The specifics of how the Secretary will negotiate agreements with private providers will need to be worked out by the VA in the coming weeks.

Though the conference process proceeded mostly behind closed doors, the AMA was able to determine that the proposed language left significant ambiguity as to whether the Secretary would have the authority to enter into agreements with private physicians or rather, as we believed, only hospitals and other facilities. Though leadership and committee staff assured us that was the intent, they agreed to insert clarifying language in the final bill. However, in the rush to finalize the draft, the necessary language was not included. Because of this oversight, the AMA worked with the committees of jurisdiction and House and Senate leadership staff and others, to craft the necessary language. This language was included in a separate Concurrent Resolution which authorized the Clerk of the House to make the necessary adjustments to the bill during the enrollment process. The Concurrent Resolution was passed by unanimous consent at the same time the underlying legislation was adopted, therefore ensuring that veterans will have access to private physicians who wish to participate in this VA program. Members and staff in both chambers and on both sides of the aisle are to be commended for their efforts on behalf of our country’s veterans and those who provide for their health care needs.

IMS is developing a preliminary list of Members willing to see VA patients, pending further developments.

Please let us know if you would like to be added to this list.

Beverly Hurt, Executive Vice President
PH: (317) 639-3406 (answ. 24/7); FX: (317) 262-5609;

Alert – Vaccine Availability

If you are vaccinating fully insured children, you have to purchase private stock vaccine to do so. If you are vaccinating Medicaid or Uninsured children, you can apply to be a part of the Vaccine For Children (VFC) program and receive the vaccine from the state. If need further information, contact the IMS. We have access to information from Vaccinate Indiana and can tell you if there are plans for your local health department to start billing insurance companies for privately insured children any time soon. Marion County is able to bill privately insured patients. Another option is, for some vaccine, physicians can write a prescription and the child can get it at the local pharmacy if they vaccinate.

NOTE: the Hamilton County Health Department is not currently billing private insurance so they will not vaccinate insured patients unless the patient self-pays.

Welcome New Members

Agrawal, Shivi, MD
Fellowship – Price Vision Group
Arneman, Elizabeth C., DO
Resident – Franciscan St. Francis Health
Family Medicine
Astorga, Sarah B., MD
Resident – Franciscan St. Francis Health
Family Medicine
Billington, Nathan E., MD
Resident – Franciscan St. Francis Health
Family Medicine
Craig, Jordan S., MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology of IN – North
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Culnan, Derek M., MD
Resident – IU School of Medicine
Surgery / Plastic Surgery
Day, Paul W., MD
Resident – Franciscan St. Francis Health
Family Medicine
DePowell, John J., MD
Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine
Neurological Surgery
Feist, Jonathan T., MD
Resident – Franciscan St. Francis Health
Family Medicine
Hockenberry, Brandon J., MD
Resident – Franciscan St. Francis Health
Family Medicine
Ivaturi, Kiran, MD
JWM Neurology
Musick, Timothy J., MD
Resident – Franciscan St. Francis Health
Family Medicine
Smith, Amanda W., MD
Resident – Franciscan St. Francis Health
Family Medicine
Villavicencio, Ovette F., MD
Fellowship – Price Vision Group
As president of IMS, I welcome you to membership into an organization representing you as physicians, your patients, and quality medical services since 1848. I encourage your participation in our IMS activities including meetings and written contributions to the Bulletin.

IMS can only be as energized as the members who comprise it, so reach out to your IMS colleagues and get to know them, as well as, our focus of collegiality and quality medical care.

Mark M. Hamilton, MD, IMS President

If you want more information about our newest IMS members, visit them on our physician finder here. A simple search is all that is required.

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